Chris’s service was tremendous and certainly appreciated. Chris walked me through every step of securing my loan, which was necessary as I was a first-time home buyer. His communication was constant and immediate. The interest rate he secured for me was fair, and the closing costs minimal. I used my V.A. guaranty to secure my loan. During the V.A. approval process, there was a hiccup with the appraisal that threatened to derail the transaction and, in any case, made for what could have been anxious moments. But no sweat, much due to Chris’s constant effort. He kept me up to date with the V.A.’s progress and ensured that the loan was funded by an essential hard date. Chris’s professionalism was impeccable. He always presented himself as engaging, friendly, and knowledgeable about the process. I would absolutely recommend Chris’s services to any potential home-buyer and look forward to working with him again.
Steve Bogucki
Chris came highly recommended to me by a trusted friend and advisor. He proved to be extremely professional, complete with timely responsiveness and friendly service delivery. He understands his business very well and did an exceptional job of managing my expectations and the process. The result exceeded my expectations and I’ve referred Chris to anyone looking for mortgage banking services since.
Melvin Tobaru
Chris Wagner is an exceptional loan officer and I would recommend him to anyone out there who wants professional and personalized service from someone they can trust.
Christopher Mayer
Just refinanced my home and Chris handled everything without a hitch. Great service and excellent knowledge about his business and the options that are out there. A real pleasure to work with such a pro.
Stuart Wood
As a real estate agent I can hand a client to Chris Wagner and know they are going to be qualified correctly, well taken care, competitive rates, and escrow always closes. Hard to find anyone this good ,client friendly, and professional at every turn.
Don Hickey
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